The 2D Eye Tracking Analysis Software MAPPS by eyesDx helps you to manage/ translate your output data stream from Smart Eye's eye tracking software and other data streams such as physiological or behavioral to an useful and informative output for your research.

MAPPS Basic’s features include:

 - Provides an intuitive user interface to visualize and analyze your data.

 - Tightly coupled with the output from Smart Eye Pro and Scene Camera

 - Graphically generate regions of interest that can move and change shape.

 - Visualization of gaze trails, heat maps, fixations and regions of interest.

 - Click-and-drag definition of static and dynamic Regions of Interest.

 - Real-time and post-processing modes of analysis.

 - Report generators allow you to drill down on your data.

 - Export tools enable you to export data to Excel or other tools.

 - Each license is floating meaning you can install an unlimited number of times, but only a single session can run at one time (enforced by a USB dongle).

 - Online/offline documentation.

MAPPS product sheet

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