The Network Defense Trainer (NDTrainer) is a live-virtual-constructive (LVC) system for implementing sophisticated cyber range environments used to train all types of cyber warriors.


Unlike most cyber ranges which use interconnected virtual machines running various operating systems and applications to replicate a live environment, an NDTrainer system leverages a true virtual network model that accurately emulates a distributed network system.

Both live and virtual hosts can be connected to the virtual network model, and the system can be federated with other training simulators to create powerful training solutions.

The key unique advantages of an NDTrainer system are:

  •  Effectively represent mobile wireless equipment and applications (and the vulnerabilities they include) as they interoperate with wired backbone network infrastructure and fixed computing systems;
  •  Accurately model the information transport fabric between servers and end-point systems in high fidelity to better demonstrate the effects of cyber-attacks;
  •  Seamlessly integrate (federate) with other training systems such as air traffic control, flight training, and kinetic battlefield simulators.

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