The EyeObserve simulator trains surveillance camera operators to identify strange and suspicious behavior and detect and report criminal & terrorist activities.

Train surveillance camera operators to identify suspect human behavior before a crime or terrorist attack takes place.

Rather than waiting for something to happen in the real world in order to train their competencies (the traditional way of training for surveillance camera operators), camera operators using the EyeObserve simulator learn to detect and report criminal & terrorist activities using camera images in a realistic virtual world. This is a lot more productive and cost effective and allows training and preparation for a wide range of different scenarios.

Detect, Identify, Report.

Surveillance cameras are omnipresent nowadays and have become a valuable asset for threat detection, at the same time increasing the responsibility of surveillance camera operators and the need for specific camera operator training. A surveillance camera operator must be capable of interpreting the visual information he receives and identify criminal activity and suspicious behaviour, however subtle it may be.

Immersive world, smart crowd.

The EyeObserve simulator immerses camera operators in realistic and crowded 3D virtual environments, allowing them to train detection and reporting skills for suspicious behavior on a virtual crowd that uses advanced AI, behaviour and movement algorithms. EyeObserve includes random and/or triggered scenarios for training. It also includes an editor tool for creation of specific and instructor driven scenarios.

Any location, any situation.

A customized 3D model of any existing or future location can be created for camera training. The simulator includes next generation visuals and sound effects for enhanced realism. EyeObserve can also be used to determine the most effective camera placement for an existing environment or an environment/building still under construction.


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