AGI technology improves ISR decision-making through collection mission optimization; multi-int data fusion; tipping and cueing; sensor coverage analysis; and communications analysis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

AGI technology delivers a full, multi-domain, multi-asset, theater-wide Common Operating Picture.

AGI's software is deployed through the development of entire systems, or integrated into existing systems using development kits or web services. Concepts can be demonstrated and then deployed much faster compared to traditional systems development programs. The technology is used in more than 1,000 deployed ISR systems—including DCGS-AF, DCGS-A and JIOC.

Common Operating Picture.

Ingest, collate, fuse, analyze and visualize land, air, sea and space asset data, along with their sensor coverage and ISR system effectiveness, in live, variable, and simulated time for course of action decision support.

ISR Mission Analysis.

Using an interactive 3D environment, plan mission routes and evaluate collection success with respect to sensor coverage and quality, communications and interference analysis and aircraft performance.

FMV and Data Automation and Discoverability.

Explore, search and discover archived FMV or collection opportunities by specifying collection look angles, lighting angles, time of day and geographic location.


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