Rotary-wing simulation developers create flight models for a wide range of military, civilian, and unmanned aircraft. HeliSIM provides the flexibility and ease of integration to build comprehensive helicopter flight models, faster.

From building and evaluating existing and future rotary wing platforms, simulators, training equipment, and cockpits to developing part-task trainers, Presagis HeliSIM is the industry standard solution for creating high-fidelity rotary-wing flight dynamic simulation, and it is ideal for safety critical simulation applications.

Use HeliSIM to:

Conceive and deploy a complete aerodynamic model for the real-time simulation of any rotary-wing aircraft without writing a single line of code
Test both aircraft design and aircraft performance under controlled, simulated conditions
Specify subsystems behavior, including flight management systems, autopilot, and flight controls
Easily integrate virtual and/or real hardware devices and user-development simulation modules
Quickly and easily tailor helicopter simulation by entering aerodynamics and environmental parameters into windows and dialog boxes rather than writing software routines to perform the simulation

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