dSPACE systems are easy to get up and running – however, if a project is more complex, if individual solutions are needed or if there is high time pressure, you can trust dSPACE's fast, competent and reliable engineering and consulting services.                                                 

Experienced engineers support you with small-scale project aid as well as with complete turn-key solutions. And dSPACE engineers can also help you on-site – even as residents. dSPACE's engineering services enable you to quickly work independently with our tools and to acquire the necessary product know-how from dSPACE's specialists. For global projects, dSPACE's internationally networked team of specialists as well as our central project coordination guarantee smooth and rapid project progress towards successful project completion. dSPACE engineering services are provided worldwide thanks to the dSPACE headquarters and three project centers in Germany, the three dSPACE locations in Japan, and the dSPACE locations in France, the U.K., the USA, and China.

dSPACE engineering and consulting services are available for every phase of development, so that you can concentrate fully on your actual tasks. Moreover, dSPACE specialists provide standard training courses as well as customer-specific courses, also on site if requested.

Dedicated assistance for all development phases.

  • Globally available engineering and consulting services complementing dSPACE's product range;
  • Customer-specific hardware and software adaptations;
  • Short reaction times;
  • Highly trained and experienced team of engineers;
  • All project sizes from local projects to global projects, from small-scale project aid to turn-key solutions.


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