Data management software. SYNECT is a data management and collaboration software tool with a special focus on model-based development and ECU testing. The open API lets you integrate SYNECT in existing IT infrastructures and workflows.             

It helps you handle models, signals, parameters, tests, test results, etc., as well as their dependencies, versions and variants, and the underlying requirements throughout the entire development process.

Application Areas

SYNECT is designed to help you manage data throughout the entire development process. This data can include models, signals, parameters, tests, test results, and more. SYNECT also handles data dependencies, versions and variants, as well as links to the underlying requirements. One key aspect of SYNECT is its direct connection to engineering tools, such as MATLAB®, Simulink®, TargetLink®, or AutomationDesk, and application/product lifecycle management systems (ALM/PLM) so that you can work with your preferred tools and seamlessly exchange data. SYNECT is ideal for automotives, aerospace, industrial automation and medical engineering – and wherever embedded systems are developed through model-based design

Key Benefits

SYNECT integrates all your development data into one single environment.
  • Directly store and reuse the data objects found in your model-based development and ECU testing process.
  • Work with your preferred tools in every development phase and benefit from easy data flow, because SYNECT integrates with engineering tools and standards commonly used in model-based development.
  • Stay on top of the escalating number of variants with the built-in SYNECT Variant Management.
  • Benefit from fast deployment due to the modular and scalable product architecture.
  • Customize SYNECT according to your needs and integrate it into your IT architecture thanks to SYNECT’s open structure.
  • Benefit from SYNECT´s open architecture to implement company-wide processes via connections to ALM/PLM tools.


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