Developing map-based driver assistance systems. Working together with HERE, dSPACE has created an integrated tool chain for developing map-based driver assistance systems based on an electronic horizon.                                                                                                 

HERE's development tool ADAS Research Platform (ADAS RP) provides the electronic horizon, and communication with the dSPACE systems runs via a UDP/IP interface.

With dSPACE's ADAS RP Blockset, users can access electronic horizon data from their Simulink® models. Only a few mouse clicks are needed to select predictive road data and connect it to the actual driver assistance function in the model.

Key Benefits

Simulation on a PC is typically used at an early stage to evaluate concept ideas. This requires not only function models but also suitable road models. The dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs) include models for the vehicle's behavior, environment sensors, the road and the surrounding traffic. Simulation is based on real roads, which can be exported from ADAS RP and read into the ASMs. The ADAS RP Blockset supports the platform dSPACE VEOS® for PC-based simulation.

But simulation alone is not enough. Experiencing driver assistance functions and modifying algorithms in a real vehicle is essential. dSPACE's MicroAutoBox and AutoBox are ideal in-vehicle development platforms that can run the same function models that were used in the PC simulation. Together with ADAS RP, they provide an integrated tool chain for developing map-based driver assistance systems.

The ASM models and dSPACE's ADAS RP Blockset can also be used to test ECUs in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. ADAS RP is given the GPS position of the simulated vehicle and returns the corresponding electronic horizon to the ECU in real time via the CAN bus.

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