MATLAB®/ Simulink®-based and AUTOSAR-based co-development, validation and prototyping on MicroAutoBox II. The RTI AUTOSAR Blockset is an extension to Real-Time Interface (RTI) with a focus on rapid control prototyping, and ECU software testing and validation.

You can use it to execute AUTOSAR software, from individual AUTOSAR SWCs to entire virtual AUTOSAR ECUs, on dSPACE’s compact, in-vehicle-capable real-time system MicroAutoBox II.

Application Areas

  • These are some typical application scenarios for the blockset:
  • Prototyping and evaluating new Simulink control algorithms that include existing AUTOSAR software components (SWCs)
  • Benchmarking new AUTOSAR SWCs on a standardized reference hardware
  • Testing and validating AUTOSAR software under real-time conditions before the target ECU becomes available
  • Testing and validating AUTOSAR software together with the physical plant, in the laboratory or in the vehicle


The RTI AUTOSAR Blockset lets you import AUTOSAR software from SystemDesk® into MATLAB/Simulink in the form of virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) and use it on MicroAutoBox II. V-ECUs are realistic representations of future ECU software. By using the RTI I/O libraries, the V-ECU can use the powerful and flexible I/O of MicroAutoBox II. The model-based configuration of the I/O blocks makes setting up a V-ECU with physical I/O quick and easy. Because of its comprehensive I/O range, the same MicroAutoBox II can be equipped with different V-ECUs to stand in for a multitude of AUTOSAR ECUs.

The RTI AUTOSAR Blockset brings with it a dedicated AUTOSAR OS for MicroAutoBox II. This OS supports AUTOSAR versions 3.x and 4.x. It conforms to AUTOSAR OS Conformance Class 1, ensuring a high level of compatibility. By supporting advanced OS concepts, such as extended tasks, the OS enables a powerful real-time execution of AUTOSAR software that closely resembles the behavior of production-grade target ECUs. The OS lets you test real-time aspects of the software even before prototypes of a target ECU become available.


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