Electric motor control applications that demand very high precision and correspondingly high sample rates are simulated best on FPGAs1. Closed-loop simulations of electric devices and their controls are supported at very high sampling rates in real time.

To support identical workflows for controller development and testing, the XSG Electric Components Models (closed-loop simulation components) are implemented as Xilinx® System Generator (XSG) models that run on a dSPACE DS5203 (PHS systems) or DS2655 (for SCALEXIO) FPGA Board.

Direct FPGA I/O Access

In addition to the plant models, the XSG Electric Components Library is supplemented by enhanced I/O functions from the contained XSG Utils Library on the DS5203/DS2655 FPGA Boards, e.g., for timing analysis and capturing digital input sources. The XSG Electric Components Library and the DS5203/ DS2655 FPGA Boards can be used together for E-motor simulation both on signal and on power level.

Components and Characteristics

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM);
  • Brushless DC motor (BLDC);
  • NEW: Advanced inverter model supporting DCM (discontinuous conduction mode);
  • Asynchronous squirrel cage induction motor;
  • Resolver, sine, TTL, and Hall encoder;
  • The XSG Electric Components Library contains the XSG Utils Library offering further functionality.


  • High precision and stability;
  • Very high oversampling rate corresponding to the PWM switching frequency;
  • No PWM synchronization necessary;
  • Current ripple (PWM effects) can be simulated;
  • Better precision in simulating higher fundamental frequencies;
  • Open models – can be modified or partly replaced by users;
  • Run-time license available.

Highly Nonlinear Electric Motor Models

  • Inductance and flux depending on stator current;
  • Spatial harmonics;
  • Continuous integrated parameterization workflow from the FEA tool JMAG®-RT to the FPGA model.


 1 Field-Programmable Gate Arrays


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