Compact prototyping unit for the laboratory. With MicroLabBox, dSPACE introduces a fully new system category: an all-in-one development system for the laboratory that combines compact size and low system costs with high performance and versatility.

Application Areas

MicroLabBox lets you set up your control, test or measurement applications quickly and easily, and helps you turn your new control concepts into reality. More than 100 I/O channels of different types make MicroLabBox a versatile system that can be used in mechatronic research and development areas, such as robotics, medical engineering, electric drives control, renewable energy, vehicle engineering, or aerospace.

Key Benefits

High computation power combined with very low I/O latencies provide great real-time performance. A programmable FPGA gives you a high degree of flexibility and lets you run even extremely fast control loops, as required in applications such as electric motor control or active noise and vibration cancellation.

MicroLabBox is supported by a comprehensive dSPACE software package, including, e.g., Real-Time Interface (RTI) for Simulink® for model-based I/O integration and the experiment software ControlDesk® Next Generation, which provides access to the real-time application during run time by means of graphical instruments.


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