AGI technology  improves ISR decision-making through collection mission optimization; multi-int data fusion; tipping and cueing; sensor coverage analysis; and communications analysis.                                            

It delivers a full, multi-domain, multi-asset, theater-wide Common Operating Picture.

AGI's software is deployed through the development of entire systems, or integrated into existing systems using development kits or web services. Concepts can be demonstrated and then deployed much faster compared to traditional systems development programs. The technology is used in more than 1,000 deployed ISR systems—including DCGS-AF, DCGS-A and JIOC.

AGI’s Systems Tool Kit (STK) software is the industry standard for electromagnetic environmental effects modeling in dynamic environments. It enables simulation across land, sea, air and space domains, offering a unique system-level framework for end-to-end spectrum analysis. Users can take advantage of our high performance algorithms, or integrate government-developed code into our time-dynamic, high-fidelity planning and analysis framework.
STK enables:

  • Conceptual RF design and system specification;
  • Planning and analysis for dynamic missions;
  • Evaluation of integrated mission architectures;
  • Analysis of tradeoffs across RF and non-RF mission elements;
  • Integration with network simulations for more realistic cyber effects modeling;
  • Simulation of hardware, such as signal generators or threat emulators, to bring more realistic RF behavior to hardware in the loop simulation.

STK is available off-the-shelf as a desktop application, or as a software development kit for creating custom user workflows and embedding capability into operational systems for mission planning or battle management applications.


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